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    For the fun-minded only

    Mon’Ry is grounded in graphic design and illustration, imbued with the beat of contemporary music and street art, the perfect recipe for fun-filled, hip creations.

    Philippe Monnerie studied applied arts in Paris for 3 years and, with his diploma in graphic design under his arm, went home to live in Limoges. At the same as working in a communications agency, he developed a career as an illustrator for a t-shirt boutique.  Gradually gaining confidence, he tested himself against other graphic artists in a number of internet competitions.  Little by little, he fine-tuned his style, his penmanship and his technique, won prizes and posted his portfolio online.  That’s when Derrière La Porte discovered the young father of a 4-year old girl. He instantly took to its uniquely positive and colorful universe. He appreciated the creative environment that contrasted interestingly with his own artistic style, as well as being seduced by the collective adventure.

    A devotee of off-beat messages that always associate text with image, Mon’ry is particularly attentive to layout, meticulous typography, and careful use of space and volume.  For this ebullient yet rigorous thirty-year-old, the secret is in the play on words that can trigger an idea, the form and coloring of an illustration.  Music is an integral part of his persona – he plays guitar, sings and designs CD jackets - and he has a vivid interest in everything graphic.  Mon’ry’s creations for DLP sizzle with invigorating energy, refreshing humor and irresistible good fun.