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    Delicious extravagance

    Very girly, Clemz draws bold and slightly mischievous and fashionable groups of friends fond of colors, who make up a nicely crazy world.

    After growing up in Savoy, Clemz sets off to Montpellier to study plastic art and graphic design. She does several internships in Perpignan and Paris, in fashion magazines and with an illustrator well-known at DLP, Fifi Mandirac. She joins communication agencies in Paris and Lyon, where she chooses to settle as a freelance graphic designer and illustrator, the dearest job to her heart. That’s when she can express herself fully, as her unique world shows. It is made of mischievous ‘chicks’, slightly extravagant, as the young’s woman  whose cat is called « Féline Dion » illustrates.

    A food lover and eclectic, always paying attention to catchy things, Clemz loves to follow fashion/decoration/lifestyle blogs and images, and above all, people on the street who are her biggest source of inspiration. Her drawings always start with a character. She draws with pencils –she claims not to be able to live without them- then scans the figure and continues to work on computer, especially to create the decor. She chooses lavish colors, bright green, girly pink and orange dominates. She finally adds patterns, profuse dots and stripes. Few messages, since the illustration is often enough.

    For DLP, whose playful and colorful spirit she likes, Clemz created a nice group of stylish and assertive chicks. In line with the brand’s spirit, they deliver messages full of humor. Enthusiastic, Clemz revels in seeing her new group of friends coming to life from the paper onto objects.