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    Lisa Mona 

    Artistic Equation

    Lisa Mona’s artistic creativity, fed by her passion for mathematics, is an experiment with colors and patterns that strives for a limpid and simple yet perfect balance. Obviously.

    Lisa Mona’s Belgian, Corsican, and Scottish background, together with her unconditional love for Italy -as the pseudonym indicates- lead her to cultivate an abundant and energetic spirit. For the young woman who has studied mathematics and cinema, creation is like an equation to be solved. It is a constant search for « the » solution that will allow an equilibrium between colors, forms, matter and messages. She is looking for the magical formula, the spark that unknown territories, full of unexplored means and techniques contain: the ultimate equation. This is what her collaboration with DLP has enabled her to do, using new computer programs to complement graphism and photography. 

    Eclectic, Lisa Mona draws inspiration from various worlds, from interior design to photo exhibitions to printed textiles and paper. For DLP, the illustrator imagined cheerful creations made of playful and vivid patterns and colors which poetic and positive messages enchant daily life. Her sparky encounter with Derrière La Porte generated the outbreak of a unique world made of a new variety of means.