derrière La Porte

A story of creators and creativity

The story of Derrière La Porte is one of a passion for color, lightness and cheerfulness in everyday life.
Transforming every functional items into decorative objects one takes pleasure in showing to others.  Finding The Object that will please others… and please oneself!
Last spring 2012, Derrière La Porte celebrated 20 years: many years of creations to dress and beautify the home with colors, design, good mood

The doormat in the shape of an animal…a classic?
Today, perhaps, but in 1992 when Thierry Auffret created it, it was unheard of!  A breath of fresh air in a market dominated by ultra-classic, most utilitarian doormats.  And there began the adventure of Derrière La Porte, DLP to its friends.

Though he wasn’t “to the drawing board born”, Thierry Auffret, the founder, was never short of ideas.  Very early, he sought out the company of other creators.  The team gradually grew to incorporate new talents, ultimately becoming a team of 20 working closely with an Artistic Director. Humor isn’t something that just happens by itself!

Each creator dreams up an exclusive “story” for DLP that he or she peoples with objects for a given universe.

Some of them even create the conception of the  original design for the future DLP product : the “Very Hot” trivet from Yannick Renard, the draining rack from Nicolas Trüb, the telephone shelf form Petites Productions Studio are a few examples of this specific creation process.

What’s DLP’s recipe?
A good stock of usefulness
A full measure of good humor
A touch of poetry
Color generously to taste
Add a pinch of authenticity
A dash of freshness
And your dish is ready!

No one knows what new ingredients DLP might add in the future.  The creative team is a hotbed of ideas.  With 2 collections a year and more than 500 new launches, there is always something to surprise and delight.  A whirlwind of creativity and innovation, to keep you on the go from morning to night with a smile on your face!

So let us guide you through the discovery of these thousand and one things that make life a little more beautiful, a little more fun…