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    Magali Rieusset 

    Delicate sensibility

    Eyes sparkling with mischief, Magali Rieusset lends a delicate sensibility and a keen sense of humor to all she touches.

    Magali Rieusset knows what she wants.  Because she had always dreamt of working as an illustrator in Paris, she tucked her diploma in advertising and graphic design into her pocket and left her native Var, where she had lived for the last 15 years, to head for the capital.  The gentle, unassuming young woman also knows how to get what she wants.  She got a job as a model maker for a graphics agency and, at the same time, built up a portfolio of her own illustrations that she showed at the interior decoration trade show.  That’s where Magali Rieusset met the Derrière La Porte team: their creative sensibilities were so similar – pure, uncomplicated drawings and just the right dose of humor – that they “took” immediately…

    Her creations are alive with freshness and humor, a perfect match with the DLP label.  Her visual universe is peopled with adorable little personages drawn with simplified shapes and carefully captured expressions – the impish smile, the dancing eyes – underscored by clever messages and bright, happy colors.  Magali Rieusset  is an observer, with a gift for noting the smallest details of her surroundings, drawing her inspiration from the street where her favorite subject is girls’ fashion trends.  This has given us “girly” series like Urban girl and Mlle Chance, brimming with cheerfulness and vitality.