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    Valérie Nylin 

    Born under the sign of humor

    You can’t escape your destiny. Like it or not, Valérie Nylin is fated to excel in humor, on the page and in her life.

    Valérie Nylin was born on April 1st, so it’s no surprise that she’s a master at humor!  After her studies at Arts Déco in Paris, where she specialized in illustration and gained considerable experience with both the stimulation of a group and the solitude of the artist, she gave herself a little breather before setting up as a free-lance.  An opportunity for a job in a company opened her eyes to the realities of the business world and communications, but also took her away from her first love.  A young mother at 30, she decided to return to it and launched her career flying solo.  She wrote and illustrated children’s stories and worked as a graphic artist for companies.  By chance, she began to illustrate little metal boxes for Christmas markets.  By chance again, the head of Derrière La Porte saw her boxes and asked her to design a collection of objects for the home. While she was at it, she dreamed up a line of illustrated shopping carts.  Success was at her door.

    From her Swedish great-great grandfather who worked in a circus, the young woman most probably inherited her childlike drawing style, her love of plays on words and her delight in sharing her sense of humor with her fans.  Her greatest pleasure lies in coming up with sketches and puns that can put some humor back into everyday life. Valérie Nylin never stops, but she is learning to delegate so she can devote herself better to her own work… and head for new and as-yet undiscovered universes…