The Designers team 

  • Annabelle Lechat


    Gifted with a wide range of styles both curious and full of joy, Annabelle Lechat takes a look full of malice and infantile naivete to give everyday objects a new sense of charm.

    Trained in textile design, Annabelle Lechat worked in the world of children's art in Paris before returning to her homeland in Brittany. This young mother of one boy of three years of age creates her own magic naïve universe which is brimming with colours, fun and small animal-like designs, dots and little words of hope.

    Being both flexible and multi-talented and gifted in an extremely varied style, she adapts extremely easily to the world she is trying to recreate : a child’s universe or a garden or setting for telling most wonderful stories.

    Inspired by everyday life in childrens's books that she reads to her son, trips that she has been on with her partner or by the never-ending hubbub in the street,  Annabelle Lechat has dedicated herself to a world of decoration and her work is unique with its use of repeated patterns to portray these ideas.

    Her collaboration with DLP with whom she feels a great affinity and taste for liveliness and fantasy has created a working relationship that allows her to enrichen her creative palette whilst exploring her favourite themes. In this way the first collection she chose a hen as a motif on a background of white dots brought up to date by an unusual palette of prune and grey that she used in multiple layers on a large range for the kitchen collection.
  • Clemz

    Delicious extravagance

    Very girly, Clemz draws bold and slightly mischievous and fashionable groups of friends fond of colors, who make up a nicely crazy world.

    After growing up in Savoy, Clemz sets off to Montpellier to study plastic art and graphic design. She does several internships in Perpignan and Paris, in fashion magazines and with an illustrator well-known at DLP, Fifi Mandirac. She joins communication agencies in Paris and Lyon, where she chooses to settle as a freelance graphic designer and illustrator, the dearest job to her heart. That’s when she can express herself fully, as her unique world shows. It is made of mischievous ‘chicks’, slightly extravagant, as the young’s woman  whose cat is called « Féline Dion » illustrates.

    A food lover and eclectic, always paying attention to catchy things, Clemz loves to follow fashion/decoration/lifestyle blogs and images, and above all, people on the street who are her biggest source of inspiration. Her drawings always start with a character. She draws with pencils –she claims not to be able to live without them- then scans the figure and continues to work on computer, especially to create the decor. She chooses lavish colors, bright green, girly pink and orange dominates. She finally adds patterns, profuse dots and stripes. Few messages, since the illustration is often enough.

    For DLP, whose playful and colorful spirit she likes, Clemz created a nice group of stylish and assertive chicks. In line with the brand’s spirit, they deliver messages full of humor. Enthusiastic, Clemz revels in seeing her new group of friends coming to life from the paper onto objects.
  • Dlp

    The story of Derrière La Porte

    is one of a passion for color, lightness and cheerfulness in everyday life.

    Though he wasn’t “to the drawing board born”, Thierry Auffret, the founder, was never short of ideas.  Very early, he sought out the company of other creators.  The team gradually grew to incorporate new talents, ultimately becoming today a team of 12 working closely with an Artistic Director. Humor isn’t something that just happens by itself!

  • Emmanuelle Boissot

    Asserted lightness

    An expert of colors and sober patterns for scrapbooking, Emma expresses her creativity fully at DLP with an exclusive range of colors and graphic designs.

    After a training specialized in textiles, Emma works for a style office for a decade. After the birth of her second child, the young woman takes back her liberty and decides to start a new adventure linked to her daily passion and creates a company dedicated to scrapbooking. Very fashionable nowadays, this creative hobby around paper and photo albums demands a constant vigil in order to be aware of the trends. An expert and an insatiable researcher, Emma finds inspiration in contemporary decoration, in the old magazines read by her grandma, in 1950s ads but also in the colors of pastry! Called « 4h37 », referring to the time when Emma comes back from school with her two daughters, her small company offers simple and sober products with soft colors and discreet patterns so as to enable the scrapbooker to adapt them and bring his personal touch.

    For her first collaboration with DLP, Emma enjoyed wholeheartedly being able to express her creativity fully and without constraints. Here come drawings of small vegetables and robots, bright and fresh colors, and energizing, full-of-life typographies. An unconditional fan of the light, cheerful, and relaxing world the brand, Emma shares the same values : to stay light and, above all, never to take oneself too seriously. Among DLP’s products, Emma particularly likes the cases. She carries hers around at all times in which she collects various objects found on her way, inspiring  treasures for an endless curious like her…
  • FILF

    Refreshing simplicity

    Imbued with all the enthusiasm and freshness of a brief 30 years on earth, Maud Rimbert, a.k.a. Filf, enchants with her creations, as poetic as they are humorous.

    After 4 years in an art school, crowned by a diploma in graphic design, Maud Rimbert, unlike her colleagues, had no desire to head off to join an advertising agency. She preferred to devote herself to creating the “Filf” universe, inspired by her school nickname: ink drawings featuring a sassy little girl with interminable legs and a slightly crazy dog. She brought Filf to stationery she sold in the family’s interior decoration boutique in Paris. As at ease with India ink as with graphics software, she is now launching her career as an independent graphics artist simultaneously with several agencies.

    Feet on the ground, head in the clouds, as she likes to put it. The young mother enjoys drawings that always have a touch of humor and a little dash of poetry. She likes for her designs to make people smile and catch them off guard. Refusing traditional codes, she designs objects for everyday life associated with something unexpected: an alarm clock, a fried egg, stars and angels, leaving the viewer the fun of inventing a personal story. Creative and spontaneous, as at home working with images as with words, this young tap dancer felt immediately at home in the colorful, fun-filled ambience of DLP, where useful objects become attractive and desirable for the most unsuspecting passerby…
  • Lerenard

    Son of an adman…

    With a minimum of words, a touch of humor and an artist’s eye for typography, Yannick Renard gives ordinary objects a unique graphic style.

    As a designer and graphic artist deeply influenced by the 70’s and 80’s of his childhood, Yannick Renard is especially fond of “vintage”: vinyl and record jackets, advertising and pop art.  This thirty-something creator likes simple, direct messages, ones that shake you up.  Between puns and illustrations, his preference goes to the play on words and creative typography, admitting a particular affection for English, for him, it’s a wacky and sexy language.

    Yannick Renard is part of the old guard at DLP.  This fan of vintage cars and the associate director of a communications agency, joined the company in 2006, intending to develop a range of design and graphic products.  This adventure, full of repartee and bright colors, and definitely a far cry from his daily life in the refined universe of luxury, was a breath of fresh air for him.  Under his well-chosen nickname Le Renard (The Fox), he leaps from one design and success to another and especially his trivet, “Very Hot” and the “Cat” series.  Refusing to be lulled into a sense of complacency that would ultimately block his creativity, he constantly renews his style.  With each collection, he stands back and tries to tell a new story to make people dream. Each time, the slate is wiped clean, giving him incomparable freedom, absolutely essential in the eyes of this gentle dreamer who named his agency “7th Heaven”.
  • Lisa Mona

    Artistic Equation

    Lisa Mona’s artistic creativity, fed by her passion for mathematics, is an experiment with colors and patterns that strives for a limpid and simple yet perfect balance. Obviously.

    Lisa Mona’s Belgian, Corsican, and Scottish background, together with her unconditional love for Italy -as the pseudonym indicates- lead her to cultivate an abundant and energetic spirit. For the young woman who has studied mathematics and cinema, creation is like an equation to be solved. It is a constant search for « the » solution that will allow an equilibrium between colors, forms, matter and messages. She is looking for the magical formula, the spark that unknown territories, full of unexplored means and techniques contain: the ultimate equation. This is what her collaboration with DLP has enabled her to do, using new computer programs to complement graphism and photography. 

    Eclectic, Lisa Mona draws inspiration from various worlds, from interior design to photo exhibitions to printed textiles and paper. For DLP, the illustrator imagined cheerful creations made of playful and vivid patterns and colors which poetic and positive messages enchant daily life. Her sparky encounter with Derrière La Porte generated the outbreak of a unique world made of a new variety of means.

  • Lynda Corazza

    Constant effervescence

    Lynda Corazza is an imaginative illustrator, an attentive mother and a successful career woman, all at the same time, succeeding with disconcerting ease at everything she undertakes.

    Born in Nice and a graduate of Arts Déco in Strasbourg, Lynda Corazza  has more than one string to her bow.  Singled out for her children’s illustrations, she was published while still in school.  Since then, she hasn’t stopped,  creating for different publishers and advertising agencies.  Bubbling with energy, she also has a blog, “mamlynda”, where she relates her day-to-day life as a young mother in a humorous comic-strip mode.  Two years later, to the delight of her eager readers, she brought out her first cartoon book, an immediate hit with the general public.  Now living in the Sarthe region, Lynda calls on a rich and diversified palette of techniques: volume, cartoon line drawing, painting, illustration, simplistic sketches…  At ease with every technique, she adapts her work to the support and her passing fancy.

    When she was contacted by Derrière La Porte, Lynda was delighted. She already knew the brand and liked its fun, original creations: yet another opportunity for new combinations of illustration and technique.  For the themes of her first collection, the young foodie chose dessert and coffee.  Playing on words, she did a number of stylized illustrations – “café serré” (“serré” meaning either “strong” or “tight”) became coffee beans squeezed together, while the classic “religieuse” pastry acquired hands clasped together and eyes raised towards heaven – enhanced by a full range of deep, elegant shades.  The series is amusing, tongue-in-cheek and effective, somewhat like the young lady herself, already in another world, her head abuzz with her next project.
  • Magali Rieusset

    Delicate sensibility

    Eyes sparkling with mischief, Magali Rieusset lends a delicate sensibility and a keen sense of humor to all she touches.

    Magali Rieusset knows what she wants.  Because she had always dreamt of working as an illustrator in Paris, she tucked her diploma in advertising and graphic design into her pocket and left her native Var, where she had lived for the last 15 years, to head for the capital.  The gentle, unassuming young woman also knows how to get what she wants.  She got a job as a model maker for a graphics agency and, at the same time, built up a portfolio of her own illustrations that she showed at the interior decoration trade show.  That’s where Magali Rieusset met the Derrière La Porte team: their creative sensibilities were so similar – pure, uncomplicated drawings and just the right dose of humor – that they “took” immediately…

    Her creations are alive with freshness and humor, a perfect match with the DLP label.  Her visual universe is peopled with adorable little personages drawn with simplified shapes and carefully captured expressions – the impish smile, the dancing eyes – underscored by clever messages and bright, happy colors.  Magali Rieusset  is an observer, with a gift for noting the smallest details of her surroundings, drawing her inspiration from the street where her favorite subject is girls’ fashion trends.  This has given us “girly” series like Urban girl and Mlle Chance, brimming with cheerfulness and vitality.
  • Miss Miza


    With her weakness for old pictures, retro poster ads and vintage fashion, Miss Miza freely makes up a dreamlike and poetic world.

    Settled in Spain since 2008, Miss Miza grew up in the South of France among Art Déco style furniture, old photos and retro poster ads hunted on secondhand markets. After attending a school of visual communication in Bordeaux and a short stay in a communication agency, the young woman felt the need to leave Bordeaux –too small in her opinion- and to broaden her perspectives. She first hesitated between Paris and Spain, and a friend who had recently settled in Barcelona helped her choose. She joined her, learnt the language and looked for a job… that she found in a French communication agency, where she stayed for two years, just enough to meet her husband. Tired of the hectic citylife, the restless entourage, the expensive living environment, the couple moves to Galicia, her spouse’s native region. That’s where Miss Miza has been working as a free-lance illustrator for two years.

    Her « retro-modern » style collages mix vintage photographs, old wallpaper’s patterns, worked textures and contemporary colors. With a pronounced taste for detail, her creations often display a background pattern that she designed and which has now become her signature. For her first collaboration with DLP, Miss Miza offers a « Pin Up » world inspired by the 1950s and made up of collages. With an unseen liberty, she chose intense colors and vivid catches which make her collection incredibly modern, fresh and feminine. For Miss Miza, it is always the discovery of the joys of creating freely, within a framework.
  • Mon'ry

    For the fun-minded only

    Mon’Ry is grounded in graphic design and illustration, imbued with the beat of contemporary music and street art, the perfect recipe for fun-filled, hip creations.

    Philippe Monnerie studied applied arts in Paris for 3 years and, with his diploma in graphic design under his arm, went home to live in Limoges. At the same as working in a communications agency, he developed a career as an illustrator for a t-shirt boutique.  Gradually gaining confidence, he tested himself against other graphic artists in a number of internet competitions.  Little by little, he fine-tuned his style, his penmanship and his technique, won prizes and posted his portfolio online.  That’s when Derrière La Porte discovered the young father of a 4-year old girl. He instantly took to its uniquely positive and colorful universe. He appreciated the creative environment that contrasted interestingly with his own artistic style, as well as being seduced by the collective adventure.

    A devotee of off-beat messages that always associate text with image, Mon’ry is particularly attentive to layout, meticulous typography, and careful use of space and volume.  For this ebullient yet rigorous thirty-year-old, the secret is in the play on words that can trigger an idea, the form and coloring of an illustration.  Music is an integral part of his persona – he plays guitar, sings and designs CD jackets - and he has a vivid interest in everything graphic.  Mon’ry’s creations for DLP sizzle with invigorating energy, refreshing humor and irresistible good fun.
  • Petits Grains

    Sweet lightness

    Because it takes very little to add a beautiful touch to life, Virginie brings her little joyful and poetic « grains » to everyday objects. 

    After having studied arts appliqués in Lyon, Virginie wanted to see how it was elsewhere. A studio opportunity pushed her to go to the capital and look for a job there. Starting as a graphist in an advertisement company, she discovers the joys of illustrating and decides to settle free-lance with her husband, an illustrator, too. But the woman from the Albigeois region feels homesick, and the couple decides to move back to Lyon to start their own communication agency.

    Everything happens for a reason. Thanks to a client in search of new ideas for his photo albums, Virginie renews contacts with illustrations by submitting her creations. She immediately recovers the pleasure of look deeper into a theme, looking for ideas, words and visuals necessary to hold her story and make it function. At this moment, everything inspires her: design, fashion, cinema, literature… life in general. Having one foot in childhood and her head in the clouds, Virginie is fond of colors, red in particular, and makes the most of all its nuances: vermillion, cherry, carmine, grenadine, poppy, redcurrant, tomato. Her constant search after new collaborations and adventures with brands she is fond of, the young woman approaches DLP. She likes its fresh and colorful world, sprinkled of small fanciful, humorous and cheerful touches. In her image.
  • Sophie Dollé

    Naturally cheerful

    Expert in assembling colors, Sophie Dollé takes us into her enthusiastic world inhabited by funny and heart-warming characters.

    Sophie Dollé leaves her native Normandy at the age of 20 for Paris where she enrolls in a drawing course. She first attends Penninghen for two years, and then joins the Charpentier workshop that was more suited to her personality. Subsequently, she plunges into illustration work, a work that she realizes traditionally using painting and drawing so as to fulfill her appetence for colors that she likes to manipulate. Indeed, Sophie has always drawn little characters, paying particular attention to expressions, motifs and colors. Her sobriety, clear lines and unaffected style result in a simple style of drawing.  She prefers strong colors such as red. But in reality she finds all colors interesting, and appreciates grey particularly because of the variety of nuances and amazing combinations it allows to create. She finds inspiration in daily life, comic strips and children’s books that she reads abundantly since her son’s birth.

    After a break to take care of her baby and having moved to Nantes to be closer to the sea, Sophie started illustrating again, this time bringing computer technology to her work. She draws with a pencil, scans her work and uses a computer program to retouch her drawing. She experiments –though always timidly- different techniques, such as the stylus. In fact, she does not want to sacrifice spontaneity and genuineness and likes her drawings to be punctuated with the little flaws that make a work so full of charm, tenderness and humor. Sophie’s illustrations, 2D and colored line drawings, always delight us. That is why her collaboration with DLP was, after all, a natural consequence of her work.
  • Valérie Nylin

    Born under the sign of humor

    You can’t escape your destiny. Like it or not, Valérie Nylin is fated to excel in humor, on the page and in her life.

    Valérie Nylin was born on April 1st, so it’s no surprise that she’s a master at humor!  After her studies at Arts Déco in Paris, where she specialized in illustration and gained considerable experience with both the stimulation of a group and the solitude of the artist, she gave herself a little breather before setting up as a free-lance.  An opportunity for a job in a company opened her eyes to the realities of the business world and communications, but also took her away from her first love.  A young mother at 30, she decided to return to it and launched her career flying solo.  She wrote and illustrated children’s stories and worked as a graphic artist for companies.  By chance, she began to illustrate little metal boxes for Christmas markets.  By chance again, the head of Derrière La Porte saw her boxes and asked her to design a collection of objects for the home. While she was at it, she dreamed up a line of illustrated shopping carts.  Success was at her door.

    From her Swedish great-great grandfather who worked in a circus, the young woman most probably inherited her childlike drawing style, her love of plays on words and her delight in sharing her sense of humor with her fans.  Her greatest pleasure lies in coming up with sketches and puns that can put some humor back into everyday life. Valérie Nylin never stops, but she is learning to delegate so she can devote herself better to her own work… and head for new and as-yet undiscovered universes…
  • Mat Vullo


    Since he was little, Mat Vullo scribbles. Grown up, he made his profession, creative graphic designer in office for 15 years. Then, wanting to draw more and more, he starts his account and offers its digital illustrations companies and magazines. In parallel, he self-published his creations and distribute them on the Internet and, in summer, via an outdoor shop in the port of La Rochelle, his hometown: a rich collection of 150 postcards and prints numbered and signed by large format.
    For a fan of the 50s, everything begins with a doodle. On paper corner, he seeks ideas, puns, good joke. Then comes the image. He then launches Illustrator and draw with the mouse. Eyes wide open, he draws inspiration from album covers, pub books, design, archi, deco, and in flea markets and flea markets. Dialing a unique world, his creations are mixing universe Retro-50-60 and processed digital, with bright colors and feature a dry solids, almost angular.
    Mat Vullo knew creations Behind The Door and appreciated his funny universe, colorful, positive, close to his. Also, when the brand, met by chance a 4L drawing, asked him to join his tribe creative, crazy cars of dark, happy to live his illustrations on other media than paper.
    Naturally, Matt started with headlights and grille that drive kits and racing buggies for all men, young and old. For the year, it softens its line, bringing an unprecedented roundness and welcome his work. Passionate about food, who love preparing meals for her two children 15 and 7 years, already thinking about the next collection of kitchen utensils. Because he loves more than anything contact with the living, material, real life, like when opening the umbrella of his small shop on the harbor!
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