Miss Miza 


With her weakness for old pictures, retro poster ads and vintage fashion, Miss Miza freely makes up a dreamlike and poetic world.

Settled in Spain since 2008, Miss Miza grew up in the South of France among Art Déco style furniture, old photos and retro poster ads hunted on secondhand markets. After attending a school of visual communication in Bordeaux and a short stay in a communication agency, the young woman felt the need to leave Bordeaux –too small in her opinion- and to broaden her perspectives. She first hesitated between Paris and Spain, and a friend who had recently settled in Barcelona helped her choose. She joined her, learnt the language and looked for a job… that she found in a French communication agency, where she stayed for two years, just enough to meet her husband. Tired of the hectic citylife, the restless entourage, the expensive living environment, the couple moves to Galicia, her spouse’s native region. That’s where Miss Miza has been working as a free-lance illustrator for two years.

Her « retro-modern » style collages mix vintage photographs, old wallpaper’s patterns, worked textures and contemporary colors. With a pronounced taste for detail, her creations often display a background pattern that she designed and which has now become her signature. For her first collaboration with DLP, Miss Miza offers a « Pin Up » world inspired by the 1950s and made up of collages. With an unseen liberty, she chose intense colors and vivid catches which make her collection incredibly modern, fresh and feminine. For Miss Miza, it is always the discovery of the joys of creating freely, within a framework.