Annabelle Lechat 


Gifted with a wide range of styles both curious and full of joy, Annabelle Lechat takes a look full of malice and infantile naivete to give everyday objects a new sense of charm.

Trained in textile design, Annabelle Lechat worked in the world of children's art in Paris before returning to her homeland in Brittany. This young mother of one boy of three years of age creates her own magic naïve universe which is brimming with colours, fun and small animal-like designs, dots and little words of hope.

Being both flexible and multi-talented and gifted in an extremely varied style, she adapts extremely easily to the world she is trying to recreate : a child’s universe or a garden or setting for telling most wonderful stories.

Inspired by everyday life in childrens's books that she reads to her son, trips that she has been on with her partner or by the never-ending hubbub in the street,  Annabelle Lechat has dedicated herself to a world of decoration and her work is unique with its use of repeated patterns to portray these ideas.

Her collaboration with DLP with whom she feels a great affinity and taste for liveliness and fantasy has created a working relationship that allows her to enrichen her creative palette whilst exploring her favourite themes. In this way the first collection she chose a hen as a motif on a background of white dots brought up to date by an unusual palette of prune and grey that she used in multiple layers on a large range for the kitchen collection.