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    Emmanuelle Boissot 

    Asserted lightness

    An expert of colors and sober patterns for scrapbooking, Emma expresses her creativity fully at DLP with an exclusive range of colors and graphic designs.

    After a training specialized in textiles, Emma works for a style office for a decade. After the birth of her second child, the young woman takes back her liberty and decides to start a new adventure linked to her daily passion and creates a company dedicated to scrapbooking. Very fashionable nowadays, this creative hobby around paper and photo albums demands a constant vigil in order to be aware of the trends. An expert and an insatiable researcher, Emma finds inspiration in contemporary decoration, in the old magazines read by her grandma, in 1950s ads but also in the colors of pastry! Called « 4h37 », referring to the time when Emma comes back from school with her two daughters, her small company offers simple and sober products with soft colors and discreet patterns so as to enable the scrapbooker to adapt them and bring his personal touch.

    For her first collaboration with DLP, Emma enjoyed wholeheartedly being able to express her creativity fully and without constraints. Here come drawings of small vegetables and robots, bright and fresh colors, and energizing, full-of-life typographies. An unconditional fan of the light, cheerful, and relaxing world the brand, Emma shares the same values : to stay light and, above all, never to take oneself too seriously. Among DLP’s products, Emma particularly likes the cases. She carries hers around at all times in which she collects various objects found on her way, inspiring  treasures for an endless curious like her…