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    Refreshing simplicity

    Imbued with all the enthusiasm and freshness of a brief 30 years on earth, Maud Rimbert, a.k.a. Filf, enchants with her creations, as poetic as they are humorous.

    After 4 years in an art school, crowned by a diploma in graphic design, Maud Rimbert, unlike her colleagues, had no desire to head off to join an advertising agency. She preferred to devote herself to creating the “Filf” universe, inspired by her school nickname: ink drawings featuring a sassy little girl with interminable legs and a slightly crazy dog. She brought Filf to stationery she sold in the family’s interior decoration boutique in Paris. As at ease with India ink as with graphics software, she is now launching her career as an independent graphics artist simultaneously with several agencies.

    Feet on the ground, head in the clouds, as she likes to put it. The young mother enjoys drawings that always have a touch of humor and a little dash of poetry. She likes for her designs to make people smile and catch them off guard. Refusing traditional codes, she designs objects for everyday life associated with something unexpected: an alarm clock, a fried egg, stars and angels, leaving the viewer the fun of inventing a personal story. Creative and spontaneous, as at home working with images as with words, this young tap dancer felt immediately at home in the colorful, fun-filled ambience of DLP, where useful objects become attractive and desirable for the most unsuspecting passerby…